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Viktor Medvedchuk: Up to 700 thousand doses of coronavirus vaccine per month may be produced now in Ukraine

The developer of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine – Russian National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after M.F. Gamaleya – agreed to provide Ukraine with technology and raw materials for the production of this vaccine at a Ukrainian enterprise. Ukraine, for its part, has the necessary production capacities and could produce hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine monthly.  The major task for this project now is registration in Ukraine and obtaining the appropriate permits for the delivery of vaccines to the domestic market. This was stated by the chair of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk in Moscow during a joint briefing with the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kyryl Dmytriyev and the director of the Research Center Oleksandr Gintsburg.

“The representatives of the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Center of Gamaleya agreed to transfer technology to Ukraine, as well as to provide raw materials in the form of a cell line for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine.  Its release can be established in the shortest possible time at the Biolik enterprise in Kharkiv,” Viktor Medvedchuk informed. “This is a vaccine for mass consumption, and today it is actually possible to produce 500-700 thousand doses per month in Ukraine.”

According to the Ukrainian politician, there is also possibility of increasing the volume of vaccine production in Ukraine.  However, this requires additional bioreactors.

The Russian side assured that it has extensive experience in transferring its technologies to third-party production sites. For example, Sputnik V is already being produced in a number of other countries, and it will not be difficult to establish the production of this vaccine in Ukraine at present facilities.

“The vaccine is already being tested in South Korea, China, Brazil and India.  We have recently confirmed that we will establish its production in Kazakhstan. But there are not so many high-tech enterprises that could produce Sputnik V in the world.  The Biolik company, which meets all international quality standards, is a great advantage for Ukraine. This is an important asset of Ukraine, so it would be wise to use it as other countries do,” Kyryl Dmytriyev said. 

According to Viktor Medvedchuk, Biolik could produce a worldwide coronavirus vaccine for both export and domestic use. After all, ensuring the protection of Ukrainian citizens from COVID-19 is the main task set by the Opposition Platform – For Life party.

“This company will be able to start producing the vaccine at least for exports to third countries.  Nevertheless, our main task is to establish such production on the territory of Ukraine in the interests of Ukrainian citizens.  It is with this request that thousands of people, and public organizations in particular, are addressing me.  To do this, one must register with government agencies and obtain appropriate permits.  “Our political force will do everything possible for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine in Ukraine to take place,” Viktor Medvedchuk said.

Опубликовано: 9 December 2020