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Viktor Medvedchuk: There are no legal grounds for extending the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest

There are no legal grounds for extending the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest for the chairman of the political pouncil of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” party Viktor Medvedchuk. Similarly, there are no grounds for criminal prosecution of the opposition leader. Therefore, MP Viktor Medvedchuk himself once again refers to the fabrication of a criminal case against him and expects a fair court decision today. This was stated by the chairman of the political council of Opposition Platform – For Life immediately before the start of the trial.

 “We expect a fair court decision, which, in my firm conviction and the conviction of lawyers, is as follows: the house arrest as a measure of restraint should not be extended. There are no legal grounds for this, just as there are no legal grounds for bringing me to criminal liability in accordance with the materials presented as materials of suspicion”, the politician said.

Viktor Medvedchuk specified that today’s trial session is devoted exclusively to the issue of extending or canceling the house arrest, therefore, petitions for changing the measure of restraint will not be considered.

 “This court session is considering the issue of extending, not changing the measure of restraint. Therefore, such requests will not be made today. But the submission made by the prosecution authorities is unfounded and illegal. Therefore, pending a fair court decision, the defense and I will do everything to prove this illegality”, Medvedchuk said.

At the same time, the MP noted that he did not intend to hide from the investigation and, despite the politically motivated persecution, did not consider the possibility of leaving the country.

“The authorities really wanted me to leave the country. They said that I was afraid of charges and therefore I was allegedly hiding from criminal responsibility. But they did not witness this and will never do. I am ready to fight, I am confident that I am right and that justice and law must prevail”, the politician said. “We will do everything possible to achieve justice and demonstrate that the actions of the authorities, President Zelensky, are political repression and illegal political persecution”.

At the same time, Viktor Medvedchuk once again stated that the charges against him have been fabricated, and the reason for political repression by the authorities lies in his disagreement with the official course of the country.

“Neither the accusations already brought against me, nor any other ones that can be fabricated or falsified, have evidence base. There is only one reason – my disagreement with the course that the President and his team are pursuing in the country today, and the struggle of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” party, of which I am a representative in the opposition”, the politician noted. “And all actions against myself are aimed solely at limiting my activities as a politician, as a Member of Parliament, who, in accordance with the Constitution, represents the interests of the Ukrainian people”.

Опубликовано: 8 July 2021