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Viktor Chornyi: Why is geopolitics more important for Bankova than lives and health of Ukrainians?

“It is no secret that Ukraine has been one of the world leaders in the spread of coronavirus over the past months,” MP Viktor Chornyi representing the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE wrote in his blog on the Correspondent website.

At the same time, there is even no doubt that the real statistics is much sadder, the opposition politician noted.

“Only the number of daily sick doctors has long been estimated in hundreds (!) – which is a vivid example of how our Ministry of Health has “arranged” their protection.  Over the past week, the number of cases of coronavirus infection detected in Ukraine has increased by a quarter.  No matter how they try to convince us that the promised mass vaccination is taking place in the country, in fact it is not even known when it will start.  There is no end in sight to the vaccine procurement epic.  An incomprehensible fuss continues around the already paid Chinese Sinovac, the purchase of almost two million doses of which was announced back in December,” the MP stressed.

According to Viktor Chornyi, even the demonstrative vaccination of President Zelenskyy, who had had a coronavirus, with the Indian CoviShield vaccine did not increase the number of people wishing to be vaccinated.

“Someone even admitted that the demonstrative vaccination of the president was, to put it mildly, staged.  In any case, the number of doctors who would like to be vaccinated with this vaccine has clearly not increased.  The day before, the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel complained that the agreement on the mutual recognition of vaccination passports is breaking down, since Israel did not recognize the Indian vaccine,” the opposition politician said.

Against this very sad background, there is simply no point in saying how the Ukrainian authorities “courageously defended the threat of invasion” of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, the parliamentarian said.

“News that the Russian vaccine has already been recognized and used in 45 countries, including  EU members, that the EU has started the registration procedure, and Italy signed an agreement for its production at home, only confirm the opinion that for the residents of Bankova, geopolitics is much more important than lives and health of Ukrainians,” the politician said.

Viktor Chornyi has no doubts that “for our authorities, the pandemic is only a pretext for great geopolitics”.

“I think that the idea of “sanctions” against Viktor Medvedchuk was born precisely after he agreed with the Russian authorities on the supply and even production of Sputnik V in Ukraine.  Bankova clearly saw a threat to its existence,” the MP summed up.

Опубликовано: 9 March 2021