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Vadym Rabinovych: Stepanov will bear legal responsibility for the stolen COVID-19 fund and the destroyed healthcare system!

The head of the Ministry of Health Maksym Stepanov is a decent follower of the ‘Suprun case’ on the destruction of Ukrainian healthcare, and he will be held accountable for this – the co-chair of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party MP Vadym Rabinovych is confident.

“Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov should not be dismissed – he should be the first among the heads of departments who will be held criminally responsible for their actions, in particular, for the stolen coronavirus fund”, the politician said.

At the same time, the MP did not make any forecasts when the Verkhovna Rada will dismiss the head of the Ministry of Health, but he is confident that “one resignation (of the head of the Ministry of Health – ed.) will not be the final point”.

“I don’t know when Stepanov will resign.  Unfortunately, this depends not only on me!  However, I can say with confidence that it was Stepanov who finished off our healthcare system, which had been long destroyed by his predecessor Ulyana Suprun.  Now he (Stepanov – ed.) instead of making effective decisions on the fight against the epidemic, runs around the Western embassies and reports on how good he is”, the co-chair of the opposition party believes.

Meanwhile, the politician called the statement of the head of the Ministry of Health “about the excellent work” of his department a lie.

The state simply left people without help, hospitals were destroyed, the coronavirus fund was stolen, and disease statistics are falsified by reducing the number of tests”, Vadym Rabinovych summed up.

Опубликовано: 22 December 2020