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Vadym Rabinovych: The situation with housing and communal services tariffs is revolutionary! Five steps can save the country!

The situation around tariffs for housing and communal services is simply revolutionary.  The government in its desire to rob people to the last thread just went crazy.  Nevertheless, it is possible to reduce gas tariffs in Ukraine quite quickly – you only need to take five immediate steps in this direction.

The MP, co-chair of the Opposition Platform - For Life political party, Vadym Rabinovych said this calling the current situation “quite revolutionary, because the government, which just went crazy, decided to rob people to the last thread”.

But there is a way out, the politician stressed and reminded of the five immediate steps that should be taken by people sitting in high offices.

“The authorities must deny the IMF its ‘wish list’ and particularly one more increase in the price of gas.  Let them, of course, raise the price of gas as in Europe, but only after we have the same salary as in Europe!  That is the first.  Second, we must immediately return to the issue of a 25% discount on gas, which Viktor Medvedchuk agreed on with the Russian government during one of the visits of the party delegation to the Russian Federation;  you need to ask him to fly to Moscow immediately and once again agree on a 25% discount – it will save people!  Third, it is necessary to convene the Verkhovna Rada immediately to determine the measures that will lead to a reduction in tariffs for electricity, gas and heat, and to decide on the nationalization of regional power companies and regional gas companies. Fourth, we badly need the return to the state licenses that have been issued to private companies for oil and gas production.  This must be done, at least temporarily for two or three years, for four – during the crisis, until we get back on our feet.  And the fifth, it is necessary to create a parliamentary commission to save the situation with tariffs, which will include only professionals, not chatterboxes.  Here are five simple and very real steps”, the co-chair of the Opposition Platform - For Life party said. The politician is confident that if Ukraine abandons the IMF’s ‘desires’, the price of gas could drop to 20% at once.

Опубликовано: 26 January 2021