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Vadym Rabinovych: Opposition Platform - For Life stands for neutral Ukraine, which maintains friendly relations with both the United States and other countries!


Ukraine should be a neutral country, be friends with both the United States and other countries, and not to give up its independence in exchange for unprofitable loans.

This opinion was expressed by the co-chairman of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party MP Vadym Rabinovych on the air of the “Dialogue with the country” new political talk show on the air of the “Live” TV channel.

“I represent the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party, whose members see Ukraine as a neutral country. We must be friends with the United States, because the United States is a great and strong country, and we must be friends with other countries. But by friendship, we should mean benefits, first of all, for the Ukrainian people,” the politician said.

Vadym Rabinovych noted that the “ideology of Ostap Bender “overseas will help us”, which is being actively professed by the authorities, has resulted in the current catastrophic situation in Ukraine.

“We should not give up our independence in exchange for unprofitable loans, for “random people” in supervisory boards and courts that spend millions and does not make our courts independent. We should finally start building up our country – neutral, independent Ukraine, which other states respect and strive to be friends with,” Vadym Rabinovych concluded.

Опубликовано: 7 September 2021