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Persecuting Viktor Medvedchuk, the government is establishing dictatorship and lawlessness in Ukraine

The government’s plan to jail Viktor Medvedchuk has failed. Already the first court hearings on this fictitious “case” showed that all the so-called “evidence” is falsified, concocted with a mass of violations and does not have any supporting facts.

Prosecutors simply could not answer any single question from the judge on the evidence of Viktor Medvedchuk’s guilt. The apparent emptiness of the charges forced the court to refuse to take the opposition politician into custody. And the measure of restraint in the form of “house arrest” is only the result of unprecedented political pressure on court from the ruling elite.

The most defiant thing is that the main and in fact the only argument of accusations at the trial was the political position of Viktor Medvedchuk. Prosecutors did not hesitate to declare that he opposed the political course, which is pursued by the current leadership of the country, and therefore should be imprisoned. Repressions against the opposition are all the arguments that have remained with the weak, unprofessional, bankrupt government.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE declares that the persecution of Viktor Medvedchuk organized by the authorities is a clear indicator of Ukraine’s sliding into dictatorship. Attempts to sue an opposition politician for his views are anti-democratic, unconstitutional and unacceptable!

We demand that the authorities renounce all falsified accusations and stop repressions against the chair of the strategic and political council of our party Viktor Medvedchuk and our other party members. We demand to stop pressure on court and abandon attempts to transform Ukraine into a totalitarian reservation! By all legal methods, we will protect our fellow party members, Ukrainian citizens from the arbitrariness of the authorities and restore the rule of law in Ukraine.

Опубликовано: 13 May 2021