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Greetings on New Year on behalf of Opposition Platform - For Life

Dear compatriots!

Congratulations on the New Year of 2021!

First and foremost, peace to all of us!  Peace, health and well-being to every family!

The past year has been very difficult for our country, for each of us.  We all learned to live at a time of quarantine, to work and study online, to overcome bravely losses, to solve many problems.  No matter how difficult it may be for all of us today, we are confident that together we will overcome all these difficulties.  Everyone will feel that he lives in a state that cares for, supports and protects one.

Summing up the past year, we would like to thank you for the support to our political force, for not being afraid and believing in us. Together we will make Ukraine a peaceful, successful and prosperous country!

May the new year bring joy and happiness to each of you.  May there be more care and love in 2021, all your dreams and desires will come true.  Health to you and your loved ones, well-being to your families.

Happy New Year!


Опубликовано: 31 December 2020