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MP Oleg Voloshyn on Zelensky's offshore scandal

The fact that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is on a par with the world’s largest corrupt officials is a colossal international scandal – MP Oleg Voloshyn, OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE, believes.

“We are being told that the opposition is blocking reforms. But the whole world, not only the Ukrainian society, the whole world saw the essence of these reforms. This is when everyone pays taxes, except for Zelensky and his closest entourage, because the money is offshore. This is when everything is done to make a person look good, although he is the same as those oligarchs with whom he seems to want to fight,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

He is convinced: those who, after the Pandora Papers investigation, disclosed by foreign journalists, defend Zelensky, become his accomplices.

“You are smart people – you know where this information came from. This information comes from the American law enforcement system. There is an investigation. If you are covering for the President and his entourage, you become accomplices and potential participants in the American sanctions lists. This is a colossal international scandal – Zelensky is on a par with the world’s largest corrupt officials. This is a proven fact. And if you want to be in the same row, please do protect him further, then you will be jailed with him”, Oleg Voloshyn stressed.

He added that punishment will be inevitable – everyone who covers for oligarchic interests that they want to hide will soon be jailed with this government.

Опубликовано: 5 October 2021