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Oleg Voloshyn on the situation over the far right in Ukraine: It is important that the issue is raised in the French Senate


The Vice President of the Commission on Constitutional Legislation, Legislation, Universal Suffrage, Rules and General Administration of the French Senate Nathalie Goulet raised the issue of far-right movements in Ukraine in her request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and initiated its discussion in the French Senate, which is extremely important. Oleg Voloshyn, MP for the “Opposition Platform - For Life” faction, referred to this during a meeting with French senators.

“This problem is very closely intertwined with many other issues that you also are interested in. Including the one of the oppressions of independent media, because the very right-wing organization is often used by the authorities to put pressure on journalists. The very people carry out attacks on representatives of national minorities, on representatives of the opposition in the same way. Therefore, it is very important, dear Madame Goulet, that you raised this issue in your request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and held a discussion in the Senate. And I hope that this will be seriously in the focus of the attention of senators’ and will become a part, an element of a serious dialogue at the level of even the president, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Mr. Voloshyn said.

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine cannot be considered a full-fledged democratic country if neo-Nazis feel absolutely free here.

The parliamentarian also thanked the French senators for their indifference and active stance towards Ukraine.

“We are actively communicating with your colleagues... colleagues representing different political forces... And we are happy that the French Senate has taken such an active stance towards the development of inter-parliamentary dialogue between our countries... I would say that we, I personally and not only our party, but first of all our voters, for whom this problem is very acute, are grateful to you for the attention you pay to the problem of far-right radical movements in Ukraine,” Oleg Voloshyn summed up.

To recall, a group of French senators, after a visit to Kyiv in late May this year, made an official request to the French Foreign Minister with a request to express its stance towards the neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine, namely the activity of such groups as the Azov armed unit.

Senators Nathalie Goulet, Jean-Pierre Moga and Joël Guerriau representing the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee demanded that the French Foreign Minister speaks on the Ukrainian issue in the Senate. The senators were outraged by the fact that in the center of the capital of Ukraine they sell Nazi symbols and are registered as fighters of “Azov”.

Later, the French Foreign Minister responded to a request from the senators about the situation with the far right in Ukraine. In fact, with this, one of the leading countries of the European Union for the first time recognized the existence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Опубликовано: 7 September 2021