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Oleg Voloshyn: Europe is tired of Ukraine’s desire to solve its own internal political problems at the former’s expense

The Ukrainian delegation should use PACE as a platform for dialogue, and not cause irritation and tiredness from Ukraine because of its ill-considered actions.  The MP representing OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE Oleg Voloshyn shared a respective statement on his Facebook page.

“96 – in favour, 44 – against, 7 – abstained.  107 – in favour, 36 – against, 24 – abstained.  These are the voting results on validating credentials of Russian parliamentary delegation in PACE in January 2020 and January 2021.  There is a growing misunderstanding on the part of the Europeans of the persistent attempts of the majority of the Ukrainian delegation to the Assembly to evade discussions with the Russians in Strasbourg”, the MP wrote.

The politician stressed that a deliberate desire to solve internal political problems and demonstrate an ‘uncompromising struggle against everything Russian’ at a high-profile international platform, which is the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, causes tiredness and irritation among European parliamentarians.

“Europeans do not live in the primitive categories of ‘betrayal’ and ‘victory’. That is what PACE was meant so that representatives of Turkey and Cyprus, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Spain and Britain could argue and engage in a dialogue, regardless of any tensions between their countries”, he stressed.

Therefore, the stubborn unwillingness of part of the Ukrainian delegation to conduct a dialogue with colleagues from the Russian Federation is quite difficult to understand”, Oleg Voloshyn noted.

“While Zelenskyy is persistently seeking to communicate with Putin in the Normandy format, his parliament fellows are not ready for the same with Russian MPs, which looks at least strange and unreasonable”, Oleg Voloshyn summed up.

Опубликовано: 29 January 2021