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Oleg Voloshyn: If the Ukrainian government seeks de-escalation of relations with Russia, this can only be done through bilateral negotiations

Today in Geneva, negotiations are underway between the United States and the Russian Federation on security guarantees. In particular, it is expected that some decisions will be made that may affect the situation in Ukraine. But in order not to depend on the results of the negotiations of other states, the Ukrainian government has to go for a direct dialogue with Russia. This is how MP Oleg Voloshyn for the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE faction, commented the recent developments on the air of the UkrLive TV channel.

The lawmaker noted that the West took the demands put forward by Russia very seriously. And the fact that the United States entered into a dialogue with the Russian Federation already suggests that Washington understands that a lot is at stake, so Moscow in this situation is perceived on an equal footing. In addition, Mr. Voloshin advised the Ukrainian authorities to discuss conflict issues in direct negotiations.

“If the Ukrainian authorities want the tension to be removed, then this can be done at the bilateral level: to de-escalate relations with Russia, to fulfill the Minsk agreements, to unfreeze the solution of many economic issues. And then, without the Americans and negotiations in Geneva, we could find ourselves in a situation where there would be no threat on the eastern border,” Mr. Voloshyn noted.

The politician is convinced that the 8-year conflict in Donbas and the aggravation of relations with the Russian Federation have reached the limit and, in order to avoid escalation, it is necessary to take concrete steps to resolve the situation diplomatically.

“What has been going on for 8 years in Donbas, that we are at war with Russia, but there is no real war, this will not happen anymore: there will be either a settlement or a large escalation that will affect everyone in one form or another. Patience in Moscow ended, they pinned great hopes on Zelensky that he would move the Donbas case towards a settlement, but this did not happen, and Russophobic hysteria continues, NATO’s military infrastructure is being drawn in, attempts to get by American and other NATO members military facilities here continue” Mr. Voloshyn said. 

The parliamentarian stressed that now Ukraine is facing a choice that should be made in favor of living with difficulties, but in its own country, on its own land and without NATO.

“OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE keeps on emphasizing: if you want to live richer, stop the war. This will at least save money that goes into a black hole for defense. Everyone should understand that a compromise with Russia is the only chance to preserve Mr. Voloshyn stressed.

The lawmaker drew attention to the fact that the last 8 years have shown: turning away from Russia, Ukraine only lost – in terms of both economy and geopolitics.

“For 8 years Russia has been virtually absent from Ukrainian politics – a state from which we receive the overwhelming majority of energy resources, a state with which we are linked by a common history, a state that has enormous economic influence. Now Russia has come back throughout the post-Soviet space as an active player. And the fact that ORDLO is Ukraine has been repeatedly voiced by Putin himself and other official speakers of the Russian Federation. The question is how to restore Ukrainian sovereignty in this territory. How to return Donbas to Ukraine, and Ukraine to Donbas? To do this, the Minsk agreements should be implemented, since the alternative to them is the complete loss of Donbas,” Oleg Voloshyn stated.

Опубликовано: 10 January 2022