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Do not give in to blackmail and do not resign under the pressure of the leaving Ze-Team

Open appeal of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party to the Judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Today, all the public attention is focused on the situation related to the Constitutional Court.  The government has launched a large-scale attack on the judicial system, since it is the independent judiciary which is the main obstacle to the implementation of plans to transfer the country under external control, plunder its wealth, and destroy the welfare state in Ukraine.

The Ze-Team’s attack on the Ukrainian Constitution is choking.  The government, which has lost confidence and betrayed the interests of the people, finds no support either in society or in the parliament.  That is why personal pressure on the Judges of the Constitutional Court is increasing.  Criminal cases are being sued against you. Paid radicals are being set against the Court.  Outrageous physical threats are being heard.  Now “handheld servants” have joined this pressure, they cowardly signed the appeal, written under the dictation of the Office of Vladimir Zelenskyy and his curators from foreign embassies.

THE OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party calls on the Judges of the Constitutional Court not to succumb to threats and blackmail.  Responsibility for the fate of Ukrainian democracy and the future of our country rests on your shoulders today.  We appeal to you not to leave your post and not to resign under the pressure of the bankrupt and leaving Ze-Team.

In resisting the plans of the usurpers who dream of a dictatorship, you are supported by all democratic public forces. Through uniting for the sake of the defense of the Constitution, the democratic principles of Ukrainian statehood, Ukrainian sovereignty and the rights of Ukrainian citizens, we will definitely win.

Undoubtedly, the Constitution and democracy are on your side!

Опубликовано: 4 November 2020