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Nataliia Korolevska: Ukraine is distancing itself from peace in Donbas, getting dragged into geopolitical games

“Today, on the eighth year of the armed conflict, aggravation of the hostilities in Donbas hit civilians first. People are afraid of repeating the years of 2014 and 2015, when they were living in bomb shelters, when it was impossible to go out to the streets, when innocent civilians were losing their lives. According to official data only, more than 3,300 civilians died due to armed conflict. That is what should stop the desire to continue the conflict today and to move away from the implementation of the Minsk agreements. After all the venue for the negotiations, which so many representatives of the Ukrainian side of the Contact Group speak of, be it Minsk or Poland, will not change the essence of the processes. There is a UN-recognized working group on Minsk, there are Minsk agreements, but most importantly – there is a clear understanding that achieving peace and reintegration of territories should start from social and humanitarian reintegration, from the restoration of dialogue with our Ukrainian citizens who are living in the uncontrolled territory”, MP for Opposition Platform – For Life Nataliia Korolevska stressed.

The Member of Parliament recalled that Opposition Platform – For Life proposed a strategy on a peace plan, which was based on enforcement of the Minsk agreements, implementation the Steinmeier formula in Ukrainian legislation and execution of the Normandy format arrangements. However, there are still no real decisions that Ukraine as the most peace-interested side could start adopting in parliament.

“No one needs peace as we, Ukrainians, do.  And today, increasingly getting dragged into geopolitical games, we become farther and further from achieving peace and cessation of hostilities in our country.  We have registered all the necessary draft laws and will seek that a road map on the protection of civilians is adopted, the Minsk agreements and the Formula of Steinmeier are implemented.  It’s time not in words but in reality to show that Ukraine is ready to return peace and protect its citizens”, Nataliia Korolevska summarized.

Опубликовано: 9 April 2021