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Nataliia Korolevska: Implementation of the UN Security Council 1325 and women's participation in negotiations are important tools for achieving peace

This was stated by the MP from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE, the initiator of the “Women for Peace” National Platform and the Kyiv Global Summit Nataliia Korolevska.

“Today is exactly 20 years since the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 titled “Women, Peace, Security”, which is an effective programmatic tool for the implementation and protection of women's rights during military hostilities. Unfortunately, over six years male politicians in power have not been able to return the territories and reconcile people, and the established negotiating groups and platforms have not brought the desired result. Therefore, it is important to involve women in peace negotiations, as numerous studies have shown that an increase in the number of women at the negotiating table makes the achieved peace more durable and lasting,” the MP said.

Nataliia Korolevska emphasized that Ukrainian women have more than once proved their effectiveness in protecting civilians affected by warfare, establishing public dialogue and drafting “peaceful” laws. In particular, the first peacekeeping platform Kyiv Global Summit dedicated to “Women.Peace.Security”, and the “Women for Peace” National Platform , which unites more than 200 thousand Ukrainian women, and which makes regular humanitarian missions to the war zone.

“Over the six years of hostilities, millions of Ukrainian citizens have suffered, including the elderly, women and children. More than 1.6 million people became displaced, about 3.5 million of our fellow citizens are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. These issues need to be addressed today! Together with the women of Ukraine, we insist that the National Action Plan for UN Security Council Resolution 1325 titled “Women, Peace, Security” does not require imitation of bright activity, but of renewal and implementation, and the main priority should be to involve Ukrainian women in negotiations and peace processes. Women are ready to lead the public dialogue - about reconciliation, preserving the unity of the country and social protection of people, and for this it is necessary to give them the opportunity to influence decision-making,” Nataliia Korolevska said.

Опубликовано: 31 October 2020