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Nataliia Korolevska: We showed the government where to get UAH 135 billion in the 2021 budget and how to use this money to save the economy and protect people

The draft budget for 2021 prepared by the Shmyhal government freezes the ‘era of poverty’, setting low social standards and underfunding healthcare and education. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE political party Nataliia Korolevska.

“The draft budget for 2021 suggested by the Shmyhal government can be called a ‘poverty budget’ without exaggeration.  Not only is it no different from the budgets of previous yearsto have been adopted by the Poroshenko regime, but it further ‘cans’ the era of poverty. This unprofessional and underprepared document lays down meager social standards, critically underfunded healthcare and education, no clear plan to fight the pandemic, cut subsidies and social benefits.  We did not vote for this budget in the first reading and hoped that the Cabinet of Ministers would correct all mistakes by the second reading.  However, the draft submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on November 26 not only did not improve, it became much worse,” the MP said.

According to Nataliia Korolevska, the proposal package of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, which is more than 200 amendments to the draft budget, is to make it a budget for social and economic development of the country.

“We have made all the necessary calculations and shown the government how to identify UAH 135 billion only by revitalizing the economy and reducing inefficient expenditure items.  This money is enough to raise the subsistence minimum and set it at UAH 6,187 as for December 1 next year, and at the same time to review the level of all social standards.  This money would be enough to increase the minimum wage to UAH 8,000 from December 1, 2021, and the minimum pension to UAH 5,000.

It would also increase social benefits for war veterans and children, displaced persons, people with disabilities and families with children, provide funding for subsidies and much-needed business and health support during the pandemic.  If the government does not take into account our proposals, we will not only not support this budget in the parliament, but we will insist on the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers due to total unprofessionalism and unwillingness to take responsibility for the country’s future,” Nataliia Korolevska said.

Опубликовано: 30 November 2020