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The “Women for Peace” National Platform has united thousands of women and is the most influential female movement in Ukraine


The “Women for Peace” National Platform, initiated by MP Nataliia Korolevska, continues to unite women-leaders throughout the country, to engage in humanitarian, legislative and human rights activities. In the outgoing 2021, the platform expanded its activities, and more than 50 thousand new participants joined its work.

“The “Women for Peace” National Platform today unites about 300 thousand women in Ukraine. More than 50 thousand new participants have joined us this year, 24 new regional offices have been established. Active work is being done in local councils, since many participants in our platform have become deputies. In the regional, district, city councils, 76 inter-factional deputy groups have been created, on the initiative of which appeals to the authorities have been adopted for the social protection of families with children, support for doctors, increasing pension payments, reducing tariffs and support for the diplomatic path of achieving peace. Together with women, we developed more than 25 draft laws, filed a lawsuit with the District Administrative Court of Kyiv demanding that the decision on compulsory vaccination be declared unlawful, held an All-Ukrainian Marathon in support of childhood and motherhood, and numerous actions in support of the peaceful and social initiatives of our platform,” Nataliia Korolevska says.

Despite the quarantine restrictions, “Women for Peace” held large-scale events, which were attended by thousands of women from all over the country. Strategic sessions of the platform were held in Kyiv, Svyatogorsk and Irpin, regional forums – in Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Mariupil, Kramatorsk, Mykolayiv, Kherson, Pavlograd, Kharkiv, Rubizhne, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Odesa and Kyiv. And women discussed issues of women’s leadership, peace, trust, post-pandemic future and child protection at the spring session of the Kyiv Global Summit-2021 and the annual autumn Kyiv Global Summit-2021: “Woman. Trust. Peace”, which brought together over 900 women-leaders representing all spheres of activity.

“The outgoing year was difficult, but very productive – together we managed to make a lot. For this, the “Women for Peace” National Platform received the “Person of the Year” award and this is a well-deserved award for every woman in Ukraine. We are proud of our large team, we thank each of our participants and believe that together we will overcome all difficulties on the path to achieving peace, building an inclusive society and strengthening women’s leadership. The future of Ukraine is in our women’s hands”, participants of the “Women for Peace” NP noted.

Опубликовано: 31 December 2021