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— Развернуть навигацию —

Peaceful and democratic Ukraine can only be built on the principles of the Declaration of State Sovereignty

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE congratulates Ukrainian citizens on the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine. This fundamental document became the starting point for the establishment of a modern independent Ukrainian state. The principles and values ​​embodied herein remain the most important guidelines for politicians and political forces striving for peace, people’s well-being and the unity of the country.

The Declaration adopted in 1990 created a solid basis for uniting the multinational Ukrainian people around the common goals of building a democratic, social, legal and peaceful state. The state that provides comprehensive protection of human rights and freedoms, equality of all citizens, regardless of their origin, language, faith and political convictions.

Today we see the government moving in the opposite direction. It remembers only the solemn date, but ignores the content of the Declaration, violates its letter and spirit. Instead of social justice, social guarantees are purposefully being destroyed, and available free medicine and education are being ruined. Instead of economic independence, the authorities are driving the country into credit bondage and living under the dictation of creditors. Instead of a non-aligned policy and neutral status, they are chasing Euro-Atlantic illusions, drawing Ukraine into dangerous geopolitical combinations of external players. Democracy is being replaced with the NSDC dictate, extrajudicial decisions, sanctions against Ukrainian citizens and the destruction of freedom of speech. And instead of ensuring equality of citizens, a policy of ethnic, cultural and linguistic discrimination is being implemented.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE declares that it is inadmissible to deviate from the principles of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine. We are determined to restore the democratic and social foundations of Ukrainian statehood, which are being destroyed by the irresponsible and adventurous policies of the authorities. We are the political force that will ensure peace and development for Ukraine, will return the unity of the Ukrainian people striving for a democratic future.

Опубликовано: 16 July 2021