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Yurii Boyko: People should not pay for government’s tariff fraud

Opposition Platform - For Life will demand that those responsible for the tariff chaos provide an explanation to parliament.  This arbitrariness should be stopped, tariffs – get reduced, and people – receive compensation and recalculations, according to the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Yurii Boyko. 

“By a thoughtless tariff policy, the authorities have brought people to a miserable existence.  At the same time, the Ze-government has a ‘unique mathematics’ – if people cannot pay 3 hryvnias for gas, they have to pay 7 hryvnias each. To remind, Ukrgazvydobuvannya produces about 15 billion cubic meters of gas.  Of this, 10 billion is suffice for the needs of the population, 5 billion goes to the utilities sector.  Its cost is about 3 thousand hryvnias per thousand cubic meters.  Why then should people pay 7 thousand?” the politician said.

He noted that the authorities explain the increase in tariffs by the fact that this is the European price of gas, and Ukrainians have to pay the same prices as in Europe. 

“They somehow have ignored the fact that European salaries are needed to pay European tariffs.  They simply abandoned people and doomed them to poverty.  Consumers should not pay for the chaos created by the authorities in the communal sphere”, Yurii Boyko stressed.

The MP emphasized that Opposition Platform - For Life will seek justice, demand recalculations for the payment of compensation to people so that they receive reimbursement for overpayment.

“We will demand amendments to the State Budget, so that subsidies are increased, so that people are reimbursed for the money that Ukrainian families overpaid for these 2 months of the new year.  Ukrainian domestically produced gas must be sold at fair prices.  It is also necessary to remove the value added tax on gas, which goes to the needs of the population.  This will significantly reduce its cost.  Our faction has already submitted the relevant draft laws to the Verkhovna Rada”, the co-chair of the opposition faction summed up.

Опубликовано: 23 January 2021