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Yurii Boyko: The government would rather immediately save the economy and the people than make PR on coronavirus

The government has deceived the people again.  The Cabinet of Ministers postponed the implementation of the resolution on increasing the minimum wages for teachers for another year.

“Teachers have been again left on living a starvation diet, while the government retains million-amounted salaries to foreign supervisors in the supervisory councils and boards of state-owned companies.  This cynicism and mockery should be stopped.  The money should be directed to support the people and the economy,” Yurii Boyko, the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction, said.

He stressed that amidst the epidemic and crisis, it is necessary to immediately accept the proposals of the OPPOSITION PLATFROM – FOR LIFE party for the 2021 budget.

 “In particular, we demand to increase funding for the healthcare system by UAH 52 billion, funding for the industry should be at least 5% of GDP.  We also insist upon raising the subsistence minimum to UAH 6,187.  Starting from January 1, 2021, the minimum wage should be set at UAH 7,000, and the pension amount should be more than doubled,” the politician said.

Besides, Yurii Boyko believes that the tariff policy should also be revised.

 “In the context of a rapid decline in the economy and people’s living standards, tariffs should be reduced, and the rules for granting subsidies should be significantly simplified.  The people should receive help from the state, not a refusal under a far-fetched pretext,” the MP stated.

It is high time for the government to understand that it will either start doing something to combat the epidemic and the economic crisis, or their consequences will be fatal for Ukraine.

 “One needs not to play with quarantine and shuffle the personnel cards, but to build effective financial relations in which money will reach the regions.  Indeed, today it is the local authorities that are responsible for solving all the main issues: combating the epidemic, ensuring the operations of enterprises, and economic and social protection of citizens,” Yurii Boyko emphasized.

He noted that territorial communities should be viable and, above all, financially.

 “The total amount of unfunded expenditures (excluding the ones on fighting the epidemic), which have been dropped in recent years, exceeds UAH 60 billion.  Also, the draft 2021 budget cut a number of subventions and capital expenditures to local budgets.  It is necessary to stop this wave of unfinanced expenditures delegated from the center to the localities, and to form such inter-budgetary relations that will help protect the economy and the people,” the politician said.

The co-chair of the opposition faction stressed that the crisis cannot be stopped by myths and PR.

“We believe that the introduction of the proposals of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party into the 2021 budget is a key position that should be accepted.  Otherwise, it will be very difficult to overcome the situation in which the country finds itself.  The final impoverishment of people cannot be allowed!” Yurii Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 24 November 2020