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Yurii Boyko: The government pushes people to look for jobs abroad instead of creating workplaces in Ukraine

Ukraine runs first among European countries with job losses.  Over the past decade, we have lost 3.6 million jobs, which is an absolutely and relatively worst record in Europe and Central Asia.

The data was provided in the commentary to journalists by the co-chair of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” faction Yurii Boyko. 

“The main reason for exacerbating employment problems lies in negative structural trends of depopulation and aging of the population, the outflow of workforce and “brains” from Ukraine, decapitalization and deindustrialization, and as a result – low average annual growth rates.  Without overcoming or at least slowdowning these negative trends, Ukraine is doomed to deepen the crisis of the lack of “workers’ hands” amidst low employment of the remaining population.  We already have one pensioner on one working Ukrainian.  These is a very disturbing statistics,” he said.

The politician stressed that without changing the approach to the economy, the situation will only worsen.  Working force and economic growth are interrelated things.

“The state should have a clear and fixed economic program: short-term, medium-term and long-term one. There must be your own recipe for job creation.  There must be a Cabinet of Ministers, which does not deal with profanation, but with the real creation of all the necessary conditions for the work of Ukrainian citizens in their own country and which does not push them to work abroad,” he said.

The co-chair of the opposition faction is confident that negative trends in the labor market can be corrected, ensuring a steady long-term economic growth with a pace of 5-7% for at least 10-15 years.  To do this, you need to increase investment, expand exports, improve labor productivity.  The necessary draft laws have been developed by the faction and registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

“This will create supply and demand for new, more productive and highly paid jobs, increase employment and restrain the outflow of workers’ hands from Ukraine.  In turn, the scenario with a high rate of economic growth is impossible without ending the conflict in Donbas.  The government, which manages to resolve these two, will be remembered as a winner in the history of Ukraine,” Yurii Boyko said.

Опубликовано: 23 March 2021