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Yurii Boyko: Ukrainian citizens only can own Ukrainian land

The current government promised Ukrainian citizens to reckon with their opinion and solve the land issue on a referendum, but instead, the ruling majority put out in the draft law No. 2194 on amending the Land Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts regarding the improvement of the management system and deregulation in the field of land relations a provision, which allows foreign legal entities to buy and rent Ukrainian land.

The co-chair of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction Yurii Boyko raised this in his commentary to journalists.

“Our faction is stands resolutely against this draft law. Contrary to all its promises to decide on the fate of the land on a referendum, the government put out in this draft law a provision to make possible selling or renting land by foreign legal entities. This means that having considerable financial resources, they will simply buy up Ukrainian land, while farmers cultivating this land today will lose both land and jobs. Therefore, we are fighting to make sure that the draft law No. 2194 is not adopted by the parliament and that the sale of the land to foreigners does not take place,” the politician stressed.

Yurii Boyko underscored that Opposition Platform – For Life demands that the land remains in the ownership of Ukrainian citizens and the land issues are solved on a national referendum.

“We are explaining to the people that our position is not just a whim, but a concern that foreigners buy up the land through the auctions and leave our people without work. We cannot allow this and will fight against foreign companies on our land,” the co-chair of the opposition faction said.

Опубликовано: 13 April 2021