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Yurii Boyko: Amidst an epidemic, a healthcare system should be financed on a priority basis

“Full and immediate financing of the healthcare system and putting things in order in the industry, rather than launching chat bots, should be a priority for the government these days,” co-chair of the “OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE” faction Yurii Boyko stated in his commentaries to journalists.

He noted that the healthcare system, destroyed by the Poroshenko-Suprun experiments, is not able to cope with the challenges of the epidemic.  Almost every day in Ukraine a new record of COVID-19 cases is recorded, while the government is completely confused having no idea on what to do.  “There is a lack of special equipment, personnel, beds, medicines and tests.  None of the problems has been resolved in six months, and the budget funds have been spent on PR and corruption, rolled into the pre-election asphalt,” the opposition representative said.

Yurii Boyko stressed that, first of all, it is necessary to stop the misuse of the budget funds.  “No more single penny for officials, roads, serials and presentations.  All the funds have to be allocated for medical needs and strengthening of social protection of people only.  There is an urgent need to allocate the government financing to programs aimed at helping businesses that save jobs. It is crucial to provide for the allocation of social assistance to individual entrepreneurs for the period of quarantine restrictions,” the co-chair of the opposition faction said.

Besides, according to him, it is necessary to put things in order with the costs of medicine.  “The allocated funds should be spent efficiently – on the purchase of equipment, ventilators, creation of beds with supplied oxygen, protective equipment for doctors and payment of salaries.  All planned health spending should be funded as a priority.  It is unacceptable that at the height of the epidemic, the already scarce spending on the healthcare system would be underfunded by 30 percent or more of the period plan.  It is also necessary to immediately pay off the wage arrears – as of October 1, the wage arrears in the healthcare sector amounted to almost UAH 50 million,” Yurii Boyko emphasized.

Adequate financing of the healthcare system, an increase in salaries for doctors and “iron” guarantees of their full payment should become a priority in the work of the government.

“Now we are not talking about ‘services’, but about mobilizing all resources to fight the epidemic.  The life and health of people are at stake,” Yurii Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 19 November 2020