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Yurii Boyko: Government has no political will to return peace to Ukraine

Politically, we lost last year.  It was a year of statements, personnel leapfrog and imitation of activities, but there were no concrete results, the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE faction Yurii Boyko says.

 “We have a proper well-established format – the Minsk agreements, but the government does not have the political will to achieve peace.  During seven years of confrontation, the situation in Ukraine has changed only for the worse – this applies to all spheres of life.  And 2020, in spite of all the promises of the authorities and the expectations of people, also became the year of lost opportunities,” Yurii Boyko said.

The co-chair of the opposition political force stressed that the path to peace is well known.

“That is the establishment of a direct dialogue in the quadrangle Kyiv - Donetsk - Luhansk - Moscow.  Cancellation of all discriminatory decisions in the field of language.  Active work at the TCG level in Minsk for the withdrawal of troops and coordination of political positions, the adoption in the Verkhovna Rada of laws on the specifics of local self-government in Donbas, amnesty, and the specifics of local elections,” he said.

But, according to him, the people who are engaged in negotiations do not understand that such a complex conflict cannot be resolved without a compromise.

 “The armed conflict in Donbas can be resolved solely through negotiations.  These territories and these people are not ready for life in Ukraine.  Starting from infrastructure, amnesty and ending with a special status.  They live a different life for 7 years.  We need a special status to prepare them for a normal life at home,” the opposition politician is convinced.

Yurii Boyko recalled that OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE has developed and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada the draft laws necessary to achieve sustainable peace in Ukraine.

 “Our political force has a Peace Plan developed on the basis of the Minsk agreements.  We are ready for negotiations with Donetsk and Luhansk, with the Russian Federation and our European partners.  We are ready to return Donbas to Ukraine and Ukraine to Donbas,” he summed up.

Опубликовано: 9 February 2021