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Yurii Boyko: The country will not have a way forward if peace is not achieved in Donbas


Compromise, negotiations and implementation of the Minsk agreements – these should be the steps by official Kyiv to achieve peace in eastern Ukraine.  This was stated by the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction Yurii Boyko in his commentary to journalists.

“The belief that such a complicated and tough conflict can be resolved without compromise is not true.  There is no military way, there is a political one.  We must honestly tell people that a compromise is needed, because the country will not be able to move forward if the war in the East continues.  The edge of this compromise is the subject of negotiations,” the politician said.

Yurii Boyko reminded that the current government headed by the incumbent president signed a commitment to the Minsk agreements in Paris in the Normandy format a year ago, the implementation of the Steinmeier formula – that is a road map – however, there have been no peace initiatives on behalf of the government yet.

“A year ago there were still some steps: troops were dispersed, prisoners were exchanged, ships were returned. This instilled optimism and then stupor.  Apart from some statements, staff confusion and talks, the government did not take any real action on the way to peace. The only positive is, of course, the armistice.  It is very important that it works.  The armistice is the basis for the Verkhovna Rada to pass the necessary peace laws, by amending the Constitution, and our faction is ready for this.  We stood for it.  Nevertheless, there is a stupor even here, because the government is afraid of nationalists, is afraid of their speeches and does not dare proceed,” the MP said.

The co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction stressed that today the key to a political settlement of the conflict in Donbas is the effective work of the parliament on a package of peace laws.  After all, only a peaceful Ukraine can be successful.

“We need to tell people honestly that it is impossible to end such a complex conflict without compromise.  Through the peace only will we be able to ensure dynamic development of the economy, significant increase in the living standards of Ukrainians, confident and secure future for all citizens of our country.  The OPPOSITION PLATFROM – FOR LIFE party has a Peace Plan developed on the basis of the Minsk agreements.  We know how to implement it and return the long-awaited peace to the Ukrainian lands,” Yurii Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 9 December 2020