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Yurii Boyko: The government is breaking the 2002 record for salary arrears

During the epidemic, amidst another increase in tariffs, lower living standards and rising unemployment, wage arrears are accumulating.  Yurii Boyko, co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction, mentioned this in his Facebook commentary.

“Wage arrears have increased by a quarter since the beginning of the year and amount to almost UAH 4 billion.  This is an anti-record since 2002.  In this figure, no one will see a salary of a single supervisory board member, who even with questionable effectiveness receives immediately UAH 300-500 thousand. These 4 billion are unpaid salaries of industrial workers, miners, state employees, and doctors,” the parliamentarian said.

The politician called this situation cynicism and mockery of people.

“The country is suffering a new wave of epidemics and seasonal diseases.  The burden on health workers has increased many times. There is a catastrophic shortage of medical staff.  People cannot withstand the load and leave their jobs.  How in such conditions it is possible to detain a salary and not to pay the promised allowances?  This cynicism and bullying of people must be stopped,” Yurii Boyko stressed.

The co-chair of the opposition faction noted that today a tough fight is needed against the misuse of budget funds.

“We need to solve the debt problem and restructure external borrowing. It is unacceptable when people who do not receive any money for months, do not have an opportunity to buy medicine and support their families, see how the funds for the maintenance of officials and law enforcement officers are constantly increasing, how huge amounts from the budget go to repay debts to financial speculators.  This is a crime against one’s own people.  It is necessary to make changes in the budget, to introduce a moratorium on tariff increases, and to settle accounts with people by the new year.  If this government has even a drop of morality left,” Yurii Boyko emphasized.

Опубликовано: 10 December 2020