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Yurii Boyko: The parliament’s agenda does not meet the challenges the country is facing

This was stated by the co-chair of the the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction Yurii Boyko, when answering questions from journalists on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada session.

“Today’s agenda does not meet the challenges the country is facing.  The OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction insists that the budget review starts not on the last day, when there is no time, but in advance, in order to introduce the amendments proposed by our party. These amendments will create opportunities to support vulnerable citizens and at the same time reduce expenditures on law enforcement agencies and all the state apparatus, which has grown to unprecedented proportions.  That is our stance,” the co-chair of the opposition faction said.

The politician stressed that amidst the crisis, almost a quarter of the state budget cannot be spent on the the state apparatus and law enforcement agencies.

“We demand a sharp cut in expenditures on the maintenance of the Office of the President, the government, parliament, ministries and departments.  We demand returning and legislating restrictions on the salaries of top officials, management of state-owned enterprises and members of supervisory boards,” the MP said.

Yurii Boyko also noted that postponing the introduction of cash registers for entrepreneurs was the right decision, but businesses and the national economy are in need of systematic state support.

“Our faction supported the decision to postpone the introduction of cash registers for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.  However, that is not enough amidst quarantine.  It is necessary to adopt a legislative package of incentives, reduce administrative and tax pressure on businesses. It is necessary to lay out compensation funds in the budget and to provide systemic support to entrepreneurs and the country;s economy as a whole,” Yurii Boyko emphasized.

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party advocates for the social mission of the budget for next year.

“Budget resources should be spent primarily at increasing funding for healthcare and support to citizens.  This applies to the increase in the subsistence level and minimum wages and pensions, increase in government expenditures on housing and communal subsidies.  People simply will not be able to pay for the new rates.  It is also necessary to carry out an orderly restructuring of external debts and remove the debt from the state.  Both the government and the parliament in the conditions of both economic and epidemiological crisis should take a responsible position and act in the interests of Ukraine, and not follow the caprices of external managers.  If you are not able to do it, then step down from power. Leave the opportunity to work for those who know how to do it and are ready to save the country and the people,” Yurii Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 2 December 2020