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Yurii Boyko: OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE will restore language rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians

Ukraine continues the policy of discrimination against the linguistic and cultural rights of citizens, introduced under Poroshenko’s rule. Zelenskyy did not find the strength to fulfill his promise in the elections and took the side of the xenophobic radicals.  This was stated by the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Yurii Boyko, when commenting to journalists on the provisions of the language law, which came into force on January 16.

“The government does not care much about people’s discontent and criticism from international human rights organizations, the Venice Commission. It does not care that such restrictions violate the constitutional rights of citizens and increase tension and conflict in society.  Nevertheless, officials get one more reason to humiliate people.  Another source of corrupt income.  And the government will earn the approval of the nationalists and xenophobic radicals from the war party, to which it listens most”, Yurii Boyko said.

He also noted that the government, in the spirit of Poroshenko, blocks the work of the Constitutional Court so that it does not abolish linguistic arbitrariness.

“Our political force has set itself the task of abolishing linguistic discrimination.  We have submitted to parliament a number of draft laws aimed at restoring the constitutional rights of millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians and representatives of other ethnic communities.  We will make sure that they are adopted”, the co-chair of the opposition faction stressed.

Yurii Boyko is confident that people cannot be punished for their native language, for the language spoken in families.

“The Russian language, the languages ​​of national communities are an important part of modern Ukrainian culture and modern Ukrainian society.  The unity of the diverse and multinational Ukrainian people must be preserved and strengthened.  If the Ze-team is unable to do this, because of the dictatorship of xenophobic radicals, the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE after winning the elections, will do it”, the party co-chair summed up.

For reference: On January 16, 2021, the provisions of the language law entered into force to introduce new restrictions and fines for the use of the Russian language and the languages ​​of national minorities in the service sector.

Опубликовано: 16 January 2021