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Yurii Boyko: OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE will never support the budget that is killing Ukrainian healthcare

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party will not support the draft State Budget suggested by the government for 2021, which does not provide for the financing of healthcare in full.  This was stated by the co-chair of the opposition faction Yurii Boyko in his commentary to journalists on Tuesday, December 15.

He stressed that the government is chronically underfunding the healthcare system, which has already been destroyed by the medical reform.

“Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, this is just a crime.  Testing has failed, there is a lack of equipment and medicines, doctors continue to leave the country because of low salaries.  The issue of medical insurance has not been resolved, and the families of doctors who died from the coronavirus cannot receive compensation,” the opposition politician said.

Yurii Boyko emphasized that the government did not include in the 2021 budget the funds necessary to fully finance medicine and increase salaries for doctors.

“The authorities in the budget for the next year took care only of themselves, security forces and officials, and ignored the needs of healthcare,” Yurii Boyko said.

The politician stressed that OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE calls for significant increase in healthcare expenditures. The opposition faction will not support a budget in which healthcare and doctors do not receive sufficient funding.

“In the 2021 budget, we propose to increase spending on medicine by UAH 42 billion – thus, it will amount to 5.3% of GDP, and not 4.3%, as the government suggests.  Healthcare should receive full and timely funding, doctors – resources, hospitals – medical equipment and necessary beds.  Otherwise, we will not be able to cope with the epidemic, we will not protect either doctors or people,” Yurii Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 15 December 2020