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Yurii Boyko: A dependent and incompetent Government should resign

The government has no opinion of its own and is unable to make any anti-crisis decisions.  Instead of working together with the parliament, parliamentary factions, listening to public opinion, the Cabinet of Ministers only blindly fulfills all the instructions of the Office of the President.  To overcome the crisis and counter the epidemic, Ukraine needs a capable government, not a branch of the presidential office.  The Shmyhal's Cabinet must resign.

This was stated by the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE faction Yurii Boyko in his commentaries to journalists.

He noted that when the parliament decided to allocate UAH 64 billion  to the Fund for Combating COVID-19, both MPs and the society hoped that this money would go to fight coronavirus and support doctors.  As a result, the funds were spent on road repairs to promote the current President of the country.

“In the spring, we expected that this money would be enough for both doctors and patients.  But later, when they were squandered and only a fifth part of the money was allocated to medicine, it was the first signal that the government was completely dependent and is fully managed by the President Office.  They have neither their own opinion nor a program for actions.  This also applies to the introduction of a “weekend quarantine”, the MP said.

Yurii Boyko stressed that before making any decisions, one should think and evaluate their consequences.

“Without addressing the issue of support and protection of people, without securing any financial guarantees to those who provide jobs, they are introducing a lockdown.  And making the Minister of Health resign only is a typical situation when they want to find a “guilty”.  Stepanov did not squander all the “COVID-19 money”. This was done by the government as a whole.  How did they sped it and why it turned out that the money did not reach medicine is a question primarily to them. The resignation of one minister will not placate people’s outrage”, the politician said.

Yurii Boyko stressed that the Cabinet of Ministers in full composition should resign. A new government should be appointed to defend the interests of the people and not blindly follow instructions from the Bankova street.

Regarding today's agenda of the Verkhovna Rada, the co-chair of the opposition faction expressed the hope that the parliament would have enough political will and responsibility to vote for lifting the “weekend quarantine” and pass draft laws aimed at supporting the people.

 “I hope that today MPs will cancel the “weekend quarantine”, the money will be allocated to miners and fight against the epidemic.  It will also be decided to postpone the introduction of electronic cash registers for small businesses, as it really kills them today. In addition, there are several socially-oriented draft laws that have been put on the agenda at our insistence. They support children, people with disabilities, single mothers.  This is what people expect and what they need.  All these decisions must be adopted, we will support it, the country is waiting for that”, the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE faction Yurii Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 17 November 2020