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Yuriy Boyko: Ill-conceived government policies have already led the country to an energy crisis

"Ukraine is on the verge of a difficult heating season, since the ill-conceived policy of the authorities has already led the country to an energy crisis,” the co-chairman of OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE MP Yuriy Boyko told journalists on the sidelines of the parliament plenary.

“The crisis that our country finds itself in due to thoughtless policy in the gas industry, is already in need for the parliament’s intervention. I do not believe that the memorandum, which was signed by the authorities and some representatives of local self-government bodies, will be implemented. Already now we are receiving signals that it is not being fulfilled, that suppliers are reaching budgetary organizations with an offer to sell gas for UAH 38,000 – these are unaffordable prices for public sector employees, for schools, for hospitals,” Yuriy Boyko emphasized.

The co-chairman of OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE noted that the authorities in the neighboring EU countries are now taking measures to support the population and businesses in order to get through the winter and the energy crisis. They intend to reduce taxes for industries related to the generation and distribution of energy. In addition, the EU is increasing direct payments to households that are unable to pay for communal services on their own. Meanwhile, in our country the authorities are planning to raise taxes for businesses and the population. With the adoption of tax draft law No.5600 only, according to the authorities themselves, it is planned to collect UAH 30 billion from businesses and the population. And in the draft state budget for 2022, UAH 8.8 billion less was allocated for subsidies to the population than this year.

According to the lawmaker, the authorities have a complete lack of understanding of the risks and the severity of the impending energy crisis. Yuriy Boyko did not exclude that due to failures in preparation for the heating season, the authorities will again drive the country into another lockdown.

“It is very difficult for us to start the heating season, since they failed to pump natural gas into UGS facilities, which put the whole country on the spot prices of the European gas market. All this led to the fact that people do not understand at what price they can get heat and hot water,” the politician said.

He added that people do not have confidence in the government, because, despite for all memoranda, the price of natural gas rises. Large industrial enterprises are already stopping, as they simply cannot buy gas at such draconian prices. People, representatives of trade unions take to the streets to express their protest against the extortionate tariffs and thoughtless decisions of the authorities. According to him, the government, which failed to prepare for the heating season, must resign.

“We see that there is an energy crisis, we will analyze all information coming from the field. I will constantly raise the issue that the parliament should control the course of the heating season, create a special commission, because the government doesn’t manage. Our political force will monitor the passage of the heating season and insist that the authorities fulfill their promise not to raise tariffs. We will seek the consideration of our legislative initiatives to help stabilize gas prices and tariffs for Ukrainian families,” Yuriy Boyko summed up.

Опубликовано: 8 October 2021