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Lovochkina: PACE Bureau to Draft Report on Restricted Rights of National Minorities

Due to the change for the worse for representatives of national minorities, including those caused by the limitation of right for education in their mother tongue, the Bureau of the PACE has decided to prepare a report. This was announced by the member of the Ukrainian PACE delegation, MP Yulia Lovochkina.

The representative of the Ukrainian delegation said that in June 2021, members of PACE delegations from Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Albania, and San Marino supported the initiative on drafting the report on poorer access of national minorities to education in their mother tongues, and now the Bureau has ruled that the report should be made.

“The wide representation of the initiators of the matter suggests that the policy of restricting the rights of national minorities which is taking place in Ukraine does not go unnoticed by the international community. Another bell rang for the Ukrainian authorities about the need to reconsider their approach to ensuring a wide range of human rights at the government level,” Yulia Lovochkina said.

According to her, the concern of the European parliamentarians is also caused by Ukraine’s ignorance of the recommendations by the Venice Commission regarding the language matters. The passed Laws of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the national language” and “On complete general secondary education” contain discriminatory norms that contradict European standards. Yulia Lovochkina also noted that the adopted Law of Ukraine “On the indigenous peoples of Ukraine” has further aggravated the situation of representatives of national minorities.

“Given that Ukraine is a multinational state, the policy by the current government does not contribute to normal living of Ukrainian citizens of different nationalities or development of favorable relations with neighboring states and the European community as a whole, which is confirmed on the sidelines of PACE,” Lovochkina summed up.

Опубликовано: 29 September 2021