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Yuliya Lovochkina: ECtHR’s Judgment in Selygenenko and Others v. Ukraine Case Results from Ukraine’s Misguided Policy toward IDPs

On October 21, 2021, the European Court of Human Rights made a high impact judgment in the Selygenenko and Others v. Ukraine case stating that depriving the internally displaced persons of the right to vote in local elections back in 2015 resulted in a massive violation of the basic human rights. Yuliya Lovochkina, a member of the Ukrainian PACE delegation and OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE MP, stated commenting on the judgment that she believes the violation of voting rights of residents from 18 amalgamated territorial communities in Donbas would be taken into consideration by the ECtHR, and justice would definitely be restored.

In its judgment in the case, the European Court of Human Rights concluded that the stance of Ukraine towards its citizens, IDPs that were denied the right to vote in local elections in 2015, had led to a massive violation of basic human rights. According to the Court’s judgment, Ukraine had violated Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights, which stipulates for general prohibition of discrimination.

“This judgment is yet another proof that Ukraine not only failed to support its IDP citizens but also deprived them of the guaranteed political rights. Unfortunately, the stance of the ruling authorities towards the rights of Ukrainians has not changed since 2015. Indeed, after the Electoral Code was adopted, IDPs were given back their legitimate right to vote in local elections. However, not all Ukrainian citizens were able to exercise this right in the 2020 local elections. Residents of 18 amalgamated territorial communities in Donbas, namely over half million people, are still deprived of their political right to vote in elections to local self-government bodies — the right that is guaranteed by the Constitution and international treaties,” Lovochkina pointed out.

The MP said this gross violation of the rights of entire communities will definitely be considered by the ECtHR.

“Justice will be restored, but not without Ukraine suffering yet another blow to its reputation on the international arena. Our party’s stance remains unchanged: the government is obliged to stop discriminative policy towards internally displaced persons, be sure to guarantee political rights to Ukrainian citizens, and start preparations to hold local elections in 18 amalgamated territorial communities in Donbas soon,” Lovochkina summed up.

Опубликовано: 22 October 2021