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— Развернуть навигацию —

Languages ​​are not weapons in conflicts, but an instrument for dialogue, peace and creation!

Today is the European Day of Languages. Twenty years ago. it was established by the Council of Europe and supported by the European Union. On this day, Europeans remind: the study and development of various languages ​​should be encouraged and supported. This raises the cultural level, helps to strengthen the unity of society, to prevent conflicts and discrimination. And this applies not only to official and state languages, but to all languages. Because the right to freely use, study and develop one’s language and culture is inalienable for every person, every national community.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, whose government is so eager to reach Europe that even introduced the thesis of European integration into the Constitution, and now constantly bombards Europeans with complaints and claims, completely opposite things are happening. In relation to Russian-speaking Ukrainians, representatives of other ethnic communities, a discriminatory policy of fines and bans is being pursued. The right to use Russian and the languages ​​of national communities in the media, public and cultural life is forcibly limited. Laws are being passed that divide children into varieties according to language. And the “linguistic ombudsman”, without a shadow of embarrassment, proposes to forcibly send people who disagree with the policy of forced Ukrainization to “other lands”.

Even learning the Ukrainian language has become an impossible task. Because you cannot learn a language in a situation where you have to constantly rewrite textbooks. When the “philologists” infected with nationalist politicking purposefully transform the Ukrainian language into an archaic “Latin”.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE stands for the provision of cultural and linguistic equality for all Ukrainian citizens and national communities. We believe that cultural development and mutual enrichment lead to peace and prosperity. And only low-culture politicians can use languages ​​as a weapon, provoking ethnic strife.

We will work to ensure that all discriminatory, anti-constitutional and anti-democratic laws and acts are repealed. Languages ​​are not weapons in conflicts, but an instrument for dialogue, peace and creation!

Опубликовано: 26 September 2021