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Ilya Kiva: We must prevent the revival of fascism and the recurrence of the Babi Yar tragedy


“Ukrainians must remember the tragedy in Babi Yar and do everything possible to prevent the revival of fascism in the country,” MP for OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE Ilya Kiva said during a march in memory of the victims of the mass executions of Jews in Babi Yar on September 15 in Kyiv.

“80 years ago, people walked along this road to the place of their execution, carrying their children in the arms. Who can comprehend the degree of grief, fear and hopelessness of a mother or a father, carrying an infant to one’s death?! I urge everyone to think for a second and imagine this hell on earth. This must be known and remembered. Today, those who remember the terrible pages of the history of our country and the people, written in the blood of innocent people killed by the Nazis, came to the march,” he said.

Ilya Kiva stressed that humanity must remember the crimes of fascist collaborators.

 “And we must prevent a recurrence of this horror! As scary as it may sound, today the Ukrainian government is encouraging fascism and its popularization. Let’s not allow the recurrence and revival of the hell on our land!” the MP summed up.

Опубликовано: 15 September 2021