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Leader of Germany’s major party sent a letter of appreciation to Viktor Medvedchuk

Armin Laschet, Chairman of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany – the largest political force, which is part of the ruling coalition, sent a letter of appreciation to the Chairman of the Political Council of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” party Viktor Medvedchuk. He expressed gratitude for the warm address and affirmed his willingness to cooperate for the sake of transformations for the better world.   

“Let me express gratitude for the good wishes on the occasion of my election as the Chairman of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany.  I am grateful for your warm words”, the letter says. – Wide positive feedback and high trust for the party deputies help strengthen the position of CDU as the modern people’s political force in the heart of Europe, which leads Germany to a successful future.”

Armin Laschet notes that Germany, Europe and the whole world are experiencing an important historical stage today.  A pandemic caused by COVID-19 has only increased the scale of global calls.  However, the Christian Democratic Union (a member of which is the German Chancellor Angela Merkel) “seeks to withstand these challenges along with partners and friends in Europe and around the world,” the letter says.

“We advocate for cooperation, instead of fragmented approaches of states to solving certain problems. To do this, we have a very realistic look at the state of affairs, as well as a clear “value compass,” – the address of Mr Laschet to Mr Medvedchuk concludes. – We must take this world as it is to make it better. On this path, we always welcome any support.”

Опубликовано: 7 April 2021