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— Развернуть навигацию —

Unity Day is a holiday of peace, unity and equality!

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE congratulates the multinational Ukrainian people on the Day of Unity of Ukraine!  Congratulations on the holiday of peace, unity and equality of all Ukrainian citizens!

Today, people in all corners of our country demand real action to restore peace and the integrity of the Ukrainian state.  Ensuring equality of political, social, cultural and linguistic rights for all communities and national minorities in all regions of the country.

However, in reality we see a completely different policy from the Ukrainian government. Following its predecessors, it is holding back a peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.  Officials who live yesterday are introducing laws on internment camps and making plans to turn Donbass into a reservation.  Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens are deprived of the right to vote and cannot elect their representatives.  The Ukrainian people are divided into a titular nation and lawless national minorities deprived of the opportunity to learn their native language and use it in everyday life.  The heroic achievements of whole generations of our compatriots are erased from the history of the Ukrainian people.  Instead of unity, nationalist obscurantism, discrimination and splits are imposed on Ukraine.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE stands for peace and unity of the multinational Ukrainian people.  We declare our determination to build a society free of dividing lines, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance.

Only dialogue, respect and equality of all Ukrainian citizens will unite the country.

Ukraine will be united!  We believe in this!  We will achieve this!

Опубликовано: 22 January 2021