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Oleksandr Lukashev: Russian vaccine is a check-test for the current government’s ability to act

The reaction of the Ukrainian government towards the Russian Sputnik V vaccine testifies to the incapacity of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s team, according to Oleksandr Lukashev, MP from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party.

“The advent of the Russian vaccine is a check-test for the current Ukrainian government’s ability and real desire to counteract the spread of coronavirus disease. A lot of precious time has already been lost, thousands of Ukrainians have died from the disease.  It is necessary to act immediately, because the daily briefings of the head of the Ministry of Health Stepanov are not enough either for the formation of collective immunity or for effective counteraction to the expansion of the epidemic and mortality in Ukraine,” he said.

The MP reminded that the authorities have been aware of the forecasts of the second wave of the disease, but did nothing to take control of the situation.

“After the introduction of the spring quarantine, no conclusions have been drawn.  The government has not supported the economy and citizens during the crisis, has not properly prepared the healthcare system. Now, instead of using the political and diplomatic opportunities of Viktor Medvedchuk and purchasing the Russian vaccine, the authorities openly and cynically block its entry into Ukraine,” Oleksandr explained. 

The parliamentarian is confident that the instruction not to buy the Russian vaccine originates from the U.S. Embassy, ​​where they consider us their colonial territory and the market for their own pharmaceutical products.

“The health and life of the Ukrainian nation has never been a priority of the policy of overseas puppeteers,” the politician stressed.

The MP reminded that every fourth country in the world has been in line for the Russian vaccine, and what Viktor Medvedchuk did was to be done by President Zelenskyy.

“The function of the state is to respond quickly, timely and efficiently to the needs of its citizens. This is what citizens are asking for today, this is exactly what the domestic healthcare sector needs. We demand that the government immediately stops populist speculation about the vaccine-producing country and ensures that Ukrainians have a constitutional right to life!” Oleksandr Lukashev summarized.

Опубликовано: 9 December 2020