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Oleksandr Lukashev: The hole in the state budget is a logical consequence of the country’s cooperation with the IMF

The hole in the state budget of Ukraine, which is increasing every day, is a logical consequence of the country’s cooperation with the IMF.  This was stated by the MP representing the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party Oleksandr Lukashev on the air of the ZIK TV channel.

 “This ‘cooperation’ is actually one-sided and has negative consequences for Ukraine.  It has resulted in the external debt of our country to increase annually by huge amounts.  Today, there is a problem of inability to finance even a part of protected expenditures.  Ukraine desperately needs to change its government and get rid of a purely debt budgeting strategy!  Just imagine: UAH 702 billion in the budget for the next year, which accounts for two-thirds of all revenues, is to be attracted in the form of borrowing. More than 500 million of domestic borrowing, the rest – external one!” the politician said.

According to Oleksandr Lukashev, if a state loses its image of a reliable borrower and partner in relations with the IMF, then, accordingly, there is no point in expecting the money flow in such volumes.

 “That’s another matter that external borrowings are also always related to and accompanied by certain political requirements.  Now we see a fuss around the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, because none of our ‘Western partners’ wants to perceive it as final and binding.  Therefore, we have the position of the IMF, which stated that there will have been be no receipts of the corresponding tranches yet. Accordingly, Ukrainians are suffering, because they cannot receive their wages or other social payments on time,” the MP stressed.

The parliamentarian also noted that the political position of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE party calls for the urgent measures to be taken to revive the Ukrainian economy.

 “These measures will lead to the increase in GDP, the creation of new jobs, and will significantly boost the volume of tax revenues to the budgets of different levels. I realize that now there are objective circumstances, in particular, a pandemic, creating at the current stage of the ongoing global economic crisis difficulties not only for Ukraine, but for the entire world community.  But the economic policy, which was first pursued by the government of Honcharuk, and then by Shmyhal, is anti-Ukrainian!  The same anti-Ukrainian is the IMF’s loan policy towards Ukraine.  Therefore, all these hopes for external assistance have no grounds and cannot have either economic or political prospects!”  Oleksandr Lukashev summed up.

Опубликовано: 26 November 2020