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Attempts to ban the Party of Shariy is another step to establish dictatorship and usurp power in Ukraine

Today, on April 6, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv is considering the lawsuit of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on the ban of the Party of Shariy.  A crowded rally gathered in front of the court building – people came out to express their support for this political force.  MPs representing Opposition Platform – For Life came to support the protesters.

A few hundred representatives of Opposition Platform - For Life, and “Patriots – For Life” joined the protests.  In addition, the activists of the “Youth Wing of Opposition Platform - For Life” led a motor rally in support of the Party of Shariy, with hundreds of participating cars.

According to MP from Opposition Platform – For Life Anatoliy Burmich, an attempt to ban the Party of Shariy is the elimination of Ukrainians from democracy.

“The Party of Shariy participated in local elections. Today, its rating accounts for about 5%. That is the closure of the party is the elimination of 5% of the people of Ukraine from democracy, which one way or another want to express their opinion,” the politician noted.

Burmich added that this is no longer the first attempt by the current government to deprive citizens of freedom of speech and recalled the illegal ban of opposition channels.

“Today we are on the way to usurpation, to the destruction of democracy... The president promised us peace, low tariffs, fight against corruption, but what we actually have – exact opposite,” the MP said.

His colleague on the faction, MP from Opposition Platform – For Life Renat Kuzmin stressed that the closure of parties, like the ban of TV channels, is the actions of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy aimed at the usurpation of state power in the country. They want to deprive Ukrainians of the right of choice and impose the ruling party and puppets of the Zelenskyy regime instead.

“The ban of parties, like the ban of TV channels, is the actions of President Zelenskyy, aimed at the usurpation of state power in the country. We cannot agree on that. The seizure of power or the usurpation of power in the country is carried out in the interests of Western capital, whose goal is robbery of Ukrainian wealth, robbery of the Ukrainian people and the use of the territory of Ukraine in the fight against the Russian Federation. In fact, the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, the terrorist actions of the Ukrainian authorities banning political parties and opposition TV channels is the very attack on the rights and freedoms of citizens,” the parliamentarian said.

Renat Kuzmin warned that such actions indicate that the government is fighting against the Ukrainian people.

“It is not even about Shariy, and it is not even about TV channels, it is not about Opposition Platform – For Life, the matter is that the Ukrainian authorities are trying to destroy the rights of all citizens of Ukraine for freedom of expression, freedom in political support of like-minded parties, freedom in watching close-in-spirit TV channels. In fact, the Ukrainian government is fighting against the Ukrainian people. It declared war to the Ukrainian people!”  Renat Kuzmin said.

In turn, MP from Opposition Platform – For Life Viktor Chornyi called what is happening “political terror”.

“Today we came here to fix the position of our party regarding the political terror, which the current government has deployed in Ukraine. It is very insulting to observe the situation when the guarantor of the Constitution, who should defend it, is breaching this Constitution and dancing over it with a tambourine. This is unacceptablr!”  the politician noted.

Chornyi stressed that Opposition Platform – For Life is ready to support any political force, which fairly demands from this government to comply with the law.

“We came today, first of all, to address the Ukrainian people to support our comrades, colleagues, as you wish to call, from the Party of Shariy. They may be somewhere our competitors, but we do not accept them in this way, because we all together, I believe, want one thing – that Ukraine becomes a truly independent country and the country, which will not run last reports on well-being in Europe, but first or second. That is, we want prosperity for our country. We did not come exactly to support the Party of Shariy – we would support any party, any political force, which will fairly demand from this government to comply with the law, to comply with the Constitution of Ukraine in our country,” he said.

Also, MP Chornyi reminded that Opposition Platform – For Life has already made an official statement about the attempt of the Ministry of Justice to ban the Party of Shariy. 

“It is very tough, direct and very correct. We advocate for the order in Ukraine so that the rights of citizens are fully respected and that Ukraine is really a legal state as envisaged in the Constitution of Ukraine, but not what the current government is practicing today. That is the decision of the party and my personal position,” he summed up.

Опубликовано: 6 April 2021