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“Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten”! Opposition Platform – For Life faction called on the Ukrainians to celebrate 9 of May with honor and dignity

On April 29, the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE faction MPs addressed the parliament with photos of their close relatives who fought during the Great Patriotic War. The opposition politicians called for a minute of silence to honor the memory of those killed during the Great Patriotic War and demanded to stop the rehabilitation of Nazism in Ukraine.

In their address, representatives of the faction stressed that Victory Day is a holiday that unites the entire Ukrainian people:

“On May 9th, Ukraine celebrates the feat, courage and dedication of heroes who defeated fascism. We are proud of the accomplishments of our grandfathers who brought peace back to the Ukrainian land. We pay tribute to the memory of those who died in the years of hardships, who were tortured, who could not bear the hardships. Every Ukrainian family has relatives who fought on the front-line, worked for victory on the home front, whose childhood was scorched by the war. Therefore, Victory Day has always been a sacred holiday for every Ukrainian family”.

Opposition MPs called on the Ukrainians to celebrate 9 of May solemnly, with dignity and without fear.

“No one can erase Victory Day from the memory of the Ukrainian people. No one is allowed to turn the people who defeated fascism into conquered renegades. We are the descendants of the victorious people, and we must stand in the way of those who are trying to rehabilitate the collaborators of Nazism and fascism. We are the absolute majority! And on May 9th we must demonstrate this, show everyone: no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!” the opposition politicians stressed in their address to the Ukrainian citizens.

Опубликовано: 29 April 2021