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— Развернуть навигацию —

Interview by Viktor Medvedchuk for Russia-1 TV channel

Host: Many events are taking place in the world that we would like to discuss with you.  Putin, Merkel and Macron discussed Ukraine without Ukraine, also vaccines. You have a disaster, one cannot call differently, with vaccination and coronavirus.  How the discussion of Ukraine without Ukraine and the catastrophe over coronavirus was allowed?

Viktor Medvedchuk: I believe the discussion that Putin, Merkel and Macron had is a natural talk on most pressing and relevant problems in today’s world.

The fact that Ukraine was discussed there is also an objective factor.  And, most importantly, the objective factor is that it was discussed without Zelenskyy.  Because if the discussion engaged Zelenskyy, it would be a meeting already in the Normandy format.

But the parties, and first of all, the Russian Federation repeatedly stated that the “Normandy format”, meetings and negotiations may only get possible after what was decided on December 9, 2019 in Paris and stated in the Paris communiqué got fulfilled.

Therefore, naturally, the meeting with Zelenskyy could not be the case, first, since Ukraine, without having a political will, has not complied with the Paris communiqué, and second, since there were other issues current issues on the agenda of the three leaders.

Speaking of vaccination, I would like to refer to a catastrophic situation in Ukraine.  I was listening to your discussion now, I heard the remarks of Ukrainian representatives.

I can bring you the following numbers.  As of yesterday, 421 people died in Ukraine, more than 17,000 got infected. I would like to remind that in October, when I held talks with President of the Russian Federation Putin and he gave the “go-ahead” to supply of the “Sputnik V” vaccine to Ukraine,  we about 105-130 people died were dying daily.

In November, when the decision was made and the “go-ahead” was given to conveying the raw material component and cell line for the production of the “Sputnik V” vaccine in the Kharkiv enterprise, 230-260 people were dying.

According to the responsible working group, the vaccine production in Ukraine was possible to launch for 5-6 months.  If in November the government of Ukraine decided to produce vaccines, then in May already Ukraine could produce 600-700 thousand doses of the own-produced “Sputnik V” vaccine.

And today 200 thousand were delivered in Ukraine. Absolutely correct – 2 people got vaccinated with two doses.  Disaster in hospitals, Disaster in treatment processes.  Disaster for medical care, since the doctors keep on leaving jobs, which are not paid wages while risking their lives and their health.  And this catastrophe, unfortunately, gets no attention on the government’s part, since there are no effective measures that could fix it.

Host: Absolutely shocking information.  Once again: Negotiations with Putin took place in October, since then 5 months have passed.  If the production was established at that time, now, in April-May Ukraine would provide itself with own vaccines in the amount of 600 thousand doses per month.  Cool.

Viktor Medvedchuk: 600-700 thousand per month.

Host: Absolutely incredibly.  Now it is possible to try again to initiate this talk with Zelenskyy, to suggest again.  Here the question is not even about the vaccine, but about the adequacy of the government. Is there anybody to talk to?  

Viktor Medvedchuk: You know, about whom to talk, that is very difficult in Ukraine, since the government is obsessed with its policy, and this policy can be described as an anti-Russian hysteria and cave Russophobia.  And even when the Verkhovna Rada convenes its extraordinary plenary meeting to adopt the statement and condemn those who painted the walls of the President Office or damaged its entrance door, or to adopt the next statement on Donbas.  Just think – not to fulfill the Minsk agreements, but to once again demonstrate this anti-Russian hysteria.

There are no other questions.  There are no increasing housing and communal tariffs, there are no problems with vaccination.

Moreover, you talk about whether it is possible to try again.  Yes, of course, you can.  The fact is that the application for the production of vaccine and the application for registration has been filed with the relevant bodies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.  And as soon as such permission to produce the vaccine is obtained, it will be possible to establish production and produce own vaccine.

And coming back to the political situation, I would like to tell you that the repressions continue, unfortunately, the struggle of the authorities against the opposition continues.  And even our faction did not participate on this day of plenary meetings: it demonstratively, in protest, left the session room, as these issues do not deserve attention in the conditions of a catastrophic situation with vaccine, and amidst political repression.

Because it was on this day that in the morning 20 members of the party in 10 regions were illegally searched.  Searches were conducted among the heads of party organizations, deputies of regional, urban councils.  That is, the full rolling of the repressive car, headed by President Zelenskyy, is acting today. It does not act in the interests of people, it acts and aims to destroy the opposition.  And the vaccination, the health of people is on some very last place, neither the government, nor the allies of Zelenskyy pay attention to this.

Host: It feels like you have incorrectly filed an application with Stepanov for the “Sputnik V” registration and the plant’s construction.  You should have put inside a fur jacket probably.

Viktor Medvedchuk: We did everything in a proper way.  And it was discussed in detail and is being discussed so far in the media, it is being discussed as the only way out for Ukraine.  And these are no politically motivated actions, but actions aimed at registration, establishment of the production and vaccination of citizens of Ukraine.

Host: News came from the Kremlin – in the Kremlin one would not like if the civil war in Donbas inflamed again due to the provocations of Ukrainian military. Peskov: “What kind of caravans and railway trains with military equipment are heading to the contact line”?  What is being prepared, what is happening?

Viktor Medvedchuk: I want to tell you, the plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which we left the day before yesterday, started with the report by the Chief of Army Staff. We have already read later about his statements and that the situation is being exacerbated, apparently, purposedly and unmotivatedly.

But I will answer this with some irony.  One of MPs for the “Servant of the People” faction wrote (and this was published in the media): “We are listening to the Chief of Army Staff, it is time to leave this country.”  Here is the irony or objective truth of what is happening.  Apparently, the authorities are really considering such a decision, as individual MPs representing the “Servant of the People” are saying.

But the situation and peaceful settlement depend entirely on the political will of Mr Zelenskyy.  In order to avoid escalation today and in the future, it is necessary to fulfill the Minsk agreements, which have no alternative and, by the way, were recognized in the conversation between Putin, Macron and Merkel. All of them agreed that these agreements are non-alternative and have to be implemented.

As soon as Ukraine and its government embark on the path of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, there will be no threats, there will be peaceful settlement in Donbas. Donbas can return to Ukraine, and Ukraine – to Donbas.

Опубликовано: 1 April 2021