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Lovochkin: Drop in Capital Investments Hits Economy’s Recovery Chances
27 May 2021
Capital investments in the Ukrainian economy shortened by 9.5 percent in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year, and this speaks of the government’s failure to build the right relations with businesses. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on the most recent data by the State Statistics Service.
Persecuting Taras Kozak, the government has demonstrated total contempt for legal procedures
20 May 2021
Filing by court, at the request of the Security Service of Ukraine, of a permit to detain MP Taras Kozak, member of the political council of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party, who is now on treatment in Belarus, follows up on the government’s criminal campaign to eliminate political opponents.
Lovochkin: Government Has No Strategy for Economic Growth Restoration
18 May 2021
Ukraine’s GDP annualized has been decreasing for the fifth quarter in a row, but the Cabinet still does not know how to stop it. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on new data from the State Statistics Service on economic shrinkage in Q1 2021.
Today the majority of Ukrainians stand in opposition to the ruling government!
18 May 2021
On alarming political situation  in Ukraine
17 May 2021
We regret to inform that the political situation in Ukraine has long gone out of the legal framework and turned into massive political persecution of dissent.
Yuliya Lovochkina: Comprehensive Approach Needed to Effective Child Protection in Digital Environment
17 May 2021
New challenges require that the state must ensure a high level of protection of children’s rights and interests in the digital environment, while maintaining and creating further opportunities to receive useful, high quality and relevant information using information and communications technologies and internet resources. That was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Member of Parliament Yuliya Lovochkina.
Opposition Platform - For Life is among leaders of electoral support in Ukraine
15 May 2021
The OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party is actively supported by Ukrainian citizens. The politica force ranks 2nd on the electoral rating, according to the “Social Monitoring” Center poll results for April 28-May 6.