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Vadym Rabinovych: Opposition Platform - For Life stands for neutral Ukraine, which maintains friendly relations with both the United States and other countries!
7 September 2021
Ukraine should be a neutral country, be friends with both the United States and other countries, and not to give up its independence in exchange for unprofitable loans.
Oleg Voloshyn on the situation over the far right in Ukraine: It is important that the issue is raised in the French Senate
7 September 2021
The Vice President of the Commission on Constitutional Legislation, Legislation, Universal Suffrage, Rules and General Administration of the French Senate Nathalie Goulet raised the issue of far-right movements in Ukraine in her request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and initiated its discussion in the French Senate, which is extremely important. Oleg Voloshyn, MP for the “Opposition Platform - For Life” faction, referred to this during a meeting with French senators.
OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE not to vote for draft laws aimed at usurpation of power in Ukraine
6 September 2021
The Strategic Council of OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE took a decision not to support a number of draft laws to be considered in the Verkhovna Rada.
Lovochkin: Wage Arrears Must Be Among First Subjects for New Parliamentary Session
6 September 2021
In July alone, the wage arrears in healthcare increased by 29 percent; since early 2021, the debt figure has grown almost fourfold. According to MP Serhiy Lovochkin, the government failed to solve the issue of salaries in all strategic directions.
Zelensky, who has trampled Ukrainian Constitution, set a new record of cynicism and lies at Stanford
3 September 2021
Zelensky is lying not only to own citizens, but also is broadcasting his lies to the foreign academia community, without thinking about how ridiculous it looks and what damage inflicts on the image of our country. During a speech at Stanford University, President Volodymyr Zelensky assured that Ukraine has such a strong, free and democratic civil society that the emergence of a “dragon” in the form of an authoritarian regime in the country is simply impossible.
The resolute stance of Opposition Platform - For Life is the return of Donbas to Ukraine, of Ukraine to Donbas
1 September 2021
Zelensky’s government has got so used to lies and falsifications that it has become a hostage to its own cynical lie and has lost connection with reality and the ability to properly assess facts. Once again, this manifested itself in the unwillingness to fulfill the obligations undertaken towards the implementation of the “Steinmeier formula”.
Renat Kuzmin: The attempt of the Prosecutor General’s Office to again illegally extend Viktor Medvedchuk’s house arrest is a mockery of justice
31 August 2021
The Office of the Prosecutor General announced the completion of the investigation into the case of the chairman of the political council of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party MP Viktor Medvedchuk, and the prosecution started to acquaint the defense with the case materials. This means that Medvedchuk can no longer influence the results of the investigation, and in accordance with Ukrainian law, the preventive measure in the form of house arrest, which was chosen during investigation, should be canceled. “This would be the case in a state governed by the rule of law, but in Ukraine, the law has not been in effect in recent times,” MP for Opposition Platform - For Life Renat Kuzmin wrote in his post on the Facebook page.
Lovochkin: Not a Single Manufacturing Industry Approaches Its Pre-Epidemic Level
31 August 2021
While in most countries 2021 is a year for economic recovery after pandemic losses, Ukraine remains away from these processes. According to MP Serhiy Lovochkin, the lack of real economic program by the government resulted in stagnation after the decline in production.