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Opposition Platform - For Life calls on the government to cancel the increase in tariffs for housing and communal services
12 January 2021
From January 1, 2021, Zelenskyy's government set new prices and tariffs for housing and communal services – a record high in the history of the country.
Lovochkin: Cheap loans failed to maintain economy lending level in 2020
12 January 2021
The lending program designed to revive Ukraine’s economy remains largely declarative. According to MP Serhiy Lovochkin, the government must develop mechanisms to stimulate the banking sector, which mechanisms should be aimed at increasing the loan portfolio of investments in domestic business.
2020 European integration turned into EU exports drop for Ukraine
11 January 2021
From January 1, 2021, a zero duty on imported wines from the European Union started to operate in Ukraine under the current Association Agreement, which will deal a severe blow to Ukrainian winemaking enterprises. This is a consequence of the implementation of the catastrophic for our country signing of the Agreement on the Free Trade Area with the EU.
Total failure of ‘American-style democracy’ legend that the United States is cynically trying to impose on the world
8 January 2021
The next wave of devastating disorders in the US Congress building, which led to the deaths of American citizens, was a natural result of the policy pursued by the US authorities in different parts of the world: the desire to impose their will, disrespect for the other side, violence as a decisive argument, the humiliation of the power of other states, the justification of radicalism. That is all that the United States resorted to, referring to its fantasy and self-publicized role of the ‘beacon of democracy’.
Merry Christmas!
6 January 2021
Greetings on the holy Christmas day!
Viktor Medvedchuk: New round of tariff genocide by Ukrainian government threatens with social explosion
5 January 2021
From January 1, 2021, Zelenskyy’s government set new prices and tariffs for housing and communal services – a record high in the history of the country.
Oleg Voloshyn: Ukraine’s key foreign policy outcome of the year is an obvious tilt of our diplomacy towards an alliance with Turkey
4 January 2021
The system of external control of our country created by the globalist Western elites makes this not obvious to non-specialists. However, that system is tailored for internal affairs, and if we consider purely foreign policy activities, then in the conditions of America’s and the EU’s withdrawal into themselves, same as complete impasse in dialogue with Russia, it was Turkey that was able to derive the maximum benefit from Zelenskyy’s ‘omnivorousness’.
Yurii Boyko: To avoid shocks, change of both government and political course is crucial for Ukraine
4 January 2021
The socio-economic crisis is deepening in Ukraine. The only effective way to avoid destabilizing the country and mass protests is to run for re-election and change the government, according to the co-chair of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Yurii Boyko.
Viktor Medvedchuk: Lyashko’s delusional statement once again raises doubts about the adequacy of the Ukrainian government
3 January 2021
The statement of the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine, or rather ‘misunderstandings from medicine’, Lyashko, that Ukraine will not register Sputnik V, since the Ministry of Health plans to use only those vaccines that have passed the third phase of clinical trials – this is marasmic chatter that has nothing in common neither with healthcare, nor with the interests of Ukrainian citizens.