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Lovochkin: Losses in Manufacturing Industry Double due to Poor Support from Government
21 April 2021
Weak support of national producers during the lockdown led to significant rise in the enterprises’ losses. According to OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin, the twofold increase of losses for Ukrainian manufacturing producers in 2020 means there is the need for change of priorities in social and economic policy of the state amid the coronavirus crisis.
Viktor Medvedchuk’s interview for Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita
19 April 2021
Chair of the Political Council of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party MP Viktor Medvedchuk was interviewed by the leading Polish media outlet Rzeczpospolita.
Online meeting with French parliamentarians took place upon initiative by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE
16 April 2021
MP for OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Oleg Voloshyn participated in the online meeting with members of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the National Assembly of France to discuss the political settlement of the Donbas conflict.
Opposition Platform – For Life demands that UAH 6.5 billion are redirected from “big construction” to vaccination of citizens
14 April 2021
MPs from Opposition Platform – For Life have registered the corresponding draft law with the parliament.
Yurii Boyko: Ukrainian citizens only can own Ukrainian land
13 April 2021
The current government promised Ukrainian citizens to reckon with their opinion and solve the land issue on a referendum, but instead, the ruling majority put out in the draft law No. 2194 on amending the Land Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts regarding the improvement of the management system and deregulation in the field of land relations a provision, which allows foreign legal entities to buy and rent Ukrainian land.
Lovochkin: High Inflation of Recent Months Led to Drop in Ukrainians’ Real Income
13 April 2021
In March, inflation reached 8.5 percent year-on-year basis which increased poverty among Ukrainian citizens. According to OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin, the main reason behind the problem is poorly devised economic policy of current administration.
Failure in every way, or the results of the economic policy of Ze-government over the first quarter of 2021
12 April 2021
The economic policy being implemented by the second Zelenskyy’s government in the first quarter of the current year has aggravated the already extremely difficult situation in the country. For some macroeconomic parameters, the economic decline is in place for the twentieth month in a row.
Nataliia Korolevska: Ukraine is distancing itself from peace in Donbas, getting dragged into geopolitical games
9 April 2021
Today, on the eighth year of the armed conflict, aggravation of the hostilities in Donbas hit civilians first. People are afraid of repeating the years of 2014 and 2015, when they were living in bomb shelters, when it was impossible to go out to the streets, when innocent civilians were losing their lives. According to official data only, more than 3,300 civilians died due to armed conflict. That is what should stop the desire to continue the conflict today and to move away from the implementation of the Minsk agreements.
Government’s cowardice leads to abuses of radicals and impunity of criminals
9 April 2021
Statement by Opposition Platform – For Life
Zelenskyy’s government has completely failed the fight against the coronavirus pandemic
9 April 2021
This is the result of loud and arrogant statements of Zelenskyy and his team, criminal refusal from producing the “Sputnik V” vaccine in Ukraine, plundering of the coronavirus fund and reluctance to create the necessary conditions for medical workers.