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Yuliya Lovochkina: ECtHR’s Judgment in Selygenenko and Others v. Ukraine Case Results from Ukraine’s Misguided Policy toward IDPs
22 October 2021
On October 21, 2021, the European Court of Human Rights made a high impact judgment in the Selygenenko and Others v. Ukraine case stating that depriving the internally displaced persons of the right to vote in local elections back in 2015 resulted in a massive violation of the basic human rights. Yuliya Lovochkina, a member of the Ukrainian PACE delegation and OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE MP, stated commenting on the judgment that she believes the violation of voting rights of residents from 18 amalgamated territorial communities in Donbas would be taken into consideration by the ECtHR, and justice would definitely be restored.
The NSDC published the “Gospel of the Dictatorship”, demonstrating the narrow-mindedness and unprofessionalism of the current government
20 October 2021
Another attempt of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to impose its own interpretation of historical events on the Ukrainian society, to force civil servants and the media to use only certain terminology , prohibiting the well-established, but not convenient for the Ukrainian authorities, statements and names may be ultimately costly for Ukraine. The very fact of the adoption of such a document as “Glossary of names, terms and phrases...”, authored by the NSDC apparatus is a direct act of introducing censorship in Ukraine, as well as the creation of another reason for reprisals against dissenters.
Lovochkin: Demographic Situation in Ukraine Worst in Decade
20 October 2021
The demographic crisis in Ukraine is getting worse, which serves as evidence of costly mistakes of the government in its economic and social policy. This was stated by MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on recent data from the State Statistics Service.
Viktor Medvedchuk: This criminal proceeding is lacking not only the corpus delicti, but the very event of the crime
12 October 2021
In another criminal proceeding against the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Viktor Medvedchuk, not only the corpus delicti is missing, but also the crime event. This was stated by the opposition politician himself, when speaking today at the Kyiv Pechersky District Court hearing on the appointment of a measure of restraint.
The government defiantly in an impudent and cynical way continues unlawful repressions against Viktor Medvedchuk
11 October 2021
Shell-shocked by numerous scandals, Zelensky’s government is trying at any cost to make people forget about the secret, and now obvious offshores of the President, and hide their own crimes, distracting the attention of citizens – actively fabricating criminal cases against the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party Viktor Medvedchuk.
Vadym Rabinovych: The country is standing at the precipice, but the government will not stop persecuting Medvedchuk and shutting down TV channels
9 October 2021
“Today Ukrainians do not trust anyone or anything, let alone the authorities. And the events of recent years and especially recent days testify to only one thing: Ukrainian society is on the edge of an abyss,” the co-chairman of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” political party MP Vadym Rabinovych said on the air of “Ukraine with Tigran Martirosyan”, “Ukraine 24” TV channel.
Authorities are hiding their offshore scandals and mediocrity behind another repressions against Viktor Medvedchuk
8 October 2021
The unlawful and unsuccessful attempt to hand over a new suspicion to the chairman of the political council of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE party MP Viktor Medvedchuk demonstrated that the government continues its illegal policy of falsifying criminal cases, reprisals against political opponents, establishing an absolute dictatorship of Zelensky and his closest entourage.
Yuriy Boyko: Ill-conceived government policies have already led the country to an energy crisis
8 October 2021
“Ukraine is on the verge of a difficult heating season, since the ill-conceived policy of the authorities has already led the country to an energy crisis,” the co-chairman of OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE MP Yuriy Boyko told journalists on the sidelines of the parliament plenary.
Lovochkin: Party’s Proposals for Budget-2022 Allow Allocating Additional Funds for Social Expenditures
7 October 2021
OPPOSITION PLATFRORM – FOR LIFE will insist that the bill on the 2022 state budget is voted together with the party’s proposals aimed at supporting economic growth. The proposals will allow to boost the real GDP growth by 3 percent and significantly increase budget expenses for social needs. This was stated by MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on the upcoming discussion of the state budget bill-2022 in the parliament.
MP Oleg Voloshyn on Zelensky's offshore scandal
5 October 2021
The fact that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is on a par with the world’s largest corrupt officials is a colossal international scandal – MP Oleg Voloshyn, OPPOSITION PLATFORM - FOR LIFE, believes.